"Inspired by the melting pot of cultures and the optimistic spirit of New York"

Briogeo caters to everyone – focusing on texture over type to help your hair achieve its own, unique potential
With simplified regimes and playful ranges – such as Don’t Despair, Repair! which helps to heal and nourish stressed-out strands, or Scalp Revival (great for itchy, scaly scalps and hair that needs a root boost) – this gorgeous crop of cleansers, treatments, serums and elixirs helps to tackle key concerns with gentle extracts (and no nasties).
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More products
A superfood smoothie to plump and replenish while shielding your face from aggressors, Sweet Chef’s Kale + Vitamin B Serum helps to quench dry, thirsty cells as it works to reduce irritation and shield from aggressors.
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